German food With a Familiar Flair
Seymour, Indiana




We are here to allow South Central Indiana to explore its German heritage through food & fun.


We want Seymour to become South Central Indiana’s destination for celebrating our German heritage. 


Respect for Talent  |  Allowing experts to flourish within their trade.

Continuous Learning  |  Always learning from and teaching those around us, especially with cultural & gastronomical appreciation. 


Community Involvement  |  Returning your investment back to the community by supporting Seymour's Oktoberfest, implementing language learning programs, and hosting cultural events.



Solomon Rust, Owner  

Growing up in Jackson county, Solomon has seen Seymour grow and evolve alongside its annual Oktoberfest. After tracing his family roots, he started to realize the strong connection Jackson County has with Germany, but didn’t see it in his everyday life. Wanting to learn more, he visited the original Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. This trip sealed the deal: a German restaurant is just what Seymour needs!


Randall Rust, General Manager

Moving to Jackson County in 2015 was an easy change for Randall, coming from her nearby hometown of Columbus, Indiana. She quickly finished her Bachelor’s Degree of Business Management from IU, and has been gaining experience ever since. Her desire to find the perfect fit in life, from Nanny and Teacher’s Assistant to HR and Purchasing, has finally brought her to a role where she can do it all. Randall is a true “momma bear”, and will do anything she can to help out - even if that means keeping everyone in line!


Schwätzer’s German Restaurant

113 Indianapolis Ave

Seymour, IN 47274

(812) 682-0007



Connect to Seymour's rich German heritage by learning to speak German.

Deutsche Welle is a German media organization that offers free interactive lessons for all levels.

Coming soon:

A list of local German instructors.


Schwätzer's German Restaurant

113 Indianapolis Ave

Seymour, IN 



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